Striving to be at the forefront of cardiology care
for Almaty Oblast, Kazakhstan

A message from Vladimir Kraisman, MD
Dr. Kraisman, Director of Nur-Avicenum Clinic
In pursuit of continuous development, the Nur-Avicenum Clinic's main objective is the introduction of modern technologies and scientific advancements in clinical practice. Of course this requires broad international cooperation with highly qualified specialists as well as improved methods of diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is the development of disease prevention and rehabilitation programs specific to cardiovascular diseases. To this end, we are seeking the exchange of information and expertise in scientific research with other clinical institutions and research scientists in projects we have already developed. By working together, we increase the possibilities and prospects in the fight against cardiovascular disease.
What is Nur-Avicenum?
Delivering Quality Healthcare-
Since its creation in 1991, Nur-Avicenum has dedicated its energy to improving the health of all of our neighbors in the Almaty Oblast.
20 Years of Service-
The year 2011 marks our 20 year anniversary. It is with great pride we have served our neighbors, over 26,000 each year. Our commitment is to continue to deliver quality health care to the entire Almaty Oblast.
Dr. Vladimir Kraisman, MD, Director of Nur-Avicenum
International Recognition-
The Nur-Avicenum and its programs are non-profit and non-governmental and have been deemed worthy of receiving the generous help of the government of Kazakhstan and the early support of our work from President Nursaltan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, the government of Japan, the United States government, the governments of Switzerland, Denmark and Germany as well as NGOs and corporations world-wide.

Dr. Vladimir Kraisman, MD, Director of Nur-Avicenum, discusses his vision of the future of cardiology in Kazakhstan with President Nazarbayev
The Services We Offer Our Community
Clinic Services
Nur-Avicenum offers clinic and hospital care with the focus on non-surgical heart (cardiology) related issues. The clinic offers a wide array of medical care: adult and children's cardiology, adult and children's neurology, children's ear, nose and throat, women's health care (gynecology), dentistry, an x-ray department, cardiac sonogram services, EKG, a newly equipped laboratory service and pharmacy.
Laboratory Services
Our new laboratory is not only equipped to diagnose cardiology issues, we screen patients for pulmonary tuberculosis, HIV as well as other infectious diseases and refer those who test positive to nearby institutions for compassionate and competent care. For a large number of our patients who live in rural areas, this laboratory screening is their first line of defense against infectious disease.
In-patient Hospital Care
For those patients with serious cardiac related issues, Nur-Avicenum offers a fully staffed 45 bed hospital unit. Our hospital care as well as clinic care are stringently monitored and certified by the Government of Kazakhstan. The hospital is a member of the Kazakhstan United National System of Health Care and is linked via telemedicine to all major in-country facilities for consultation.
Intensive Care Unit
For the most critically ill of our patients, we offer a state of the art Intensive Care Unit which has been donated by the Government of Japan's Grass Roots Program.
Insurance Services
Nur-Avicenum offers insurance subscriptions to both local and foreign entities in Kazakhstan.

The Nur-Avicenum Clinic and Hospital

A Little About Us
Our Mission Statement
The Nur-Avicenum exists to improve the level of healthcare in the Taldykorgan region and Almaty Oblast with an overall focus on non-surgical cardiology. The Nur-Avicenum furthermore, strives to decrease morbidity and mortality caused by cardiovascular disease by providing first-rate medical treatment and preventative medicine education.
Serving More than 26,000 Patients Each Year
With a staff of 80, including 26 doctors and 35 nurses, Nur-Avicenum provides compassionate medical care in the fields of cardiology, gynecology, neurology, children's medical care and much more. No patient has ever been refused help because of the lack of funds.
The On-going Nur-Avicenum Renovation Program
As a matter of operational policy, Nur-Avicenum continually reinvests its assets in research and the renovation of its facilities that serve our community. In addition, the clinic and hospital continually seek grants, aid and donations of any kind to further the improvement of not only the facilities, but the care given to our patients.
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The Nur-Avicenum Hospital and Clinic
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